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luckycloud provides secure data access - even during possible power outages

With its own servers in ISO-270001 BSI certified data centers in Germany, luckycloud GmbH offers a highly secure basis for its customers' data right from the start. By transferring data in real time to a geo-redundant backup infrastructure, the Berlin cloud provider can ensure that the servers are always available despite possible system failures or attacks. But what if the government temporarily cuts the power or nationwide blackouts threaten? The luckycloud team is already taking precautions: with separate data centers, diversified providers and networks, and advanced contingency plans. Galactic solutions also play a role.

11. January 2023

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luckycloud in test: Flexible cloud storage with many features

The cloud service luckycloud focuses on flexibility and security: Freely customizable storage amount, arbitrary folder and NAS synchronization, hosting in Germany and zero-knowledge protection make the service an interesting alternative to the big players. Note: For this test report, we took a closer look at the "Home" and "Teams" rates to reflect private and family or group use.

28. February 2022

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Data backup only with end-to-end encryption

Data backups are also indispensable for private individuals. At the same time, the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands when using a service without end-to-end encryption is extremely high. The author's conclusion in the ZEIT article: Only end-to-end encrypted cloud services like luckycloud can protect the privacy of users.

10. January 2022

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Cloud migration of the BPM Group

The secure collaboration of all locations and a simple backup of all data enables BPM Ingenieurgesellschaft to use a private cloud environment from luckycloud. Luc Mader explains what companies should look for when selecting a provider and migrating to the cloud, in order to enable not only more transparency but also a focus on the essentials.

27. January 2022

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Modern IT for SMEs: Innovative cloud start-ups

The pandemic is driving digitization and is a multiplier for CIOs' interest in the cloud, writes com! professional magazine. In this context, the cloud services of the hyperscalers are not the means of choice for SMEs, but innovative solutions from up-and-coming providers. The editors' conclusion: providers such as luckycloud can best map the needs of their customers and the complexity of cloud management at infrastructure level - in the case of luckycloud with client-side encryption and thus particularly secure.

17. September 2021

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luckycloud hybrid cloud with S3 storage: Highly available and scalable object storage made in Germany

Berlin, 14.09.2021. With its luckycloud hybrid cloud with S3 storage solution, Berlin-based cloud provider luckycloud GmbH now offers its customers an object storage solution that supports them in backing up large volumes of data in a scalable environment. At the same time, the storage can be expanded almost indefinitely thanks to on-demand cloud resources. As a result, companies not only benefit from low capital costs, but above all meet the highest security requirements. Since the services are distributed across multiple data centers, S3 storage is particularly reliable.

14. September 2021

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In test: Secure cloud storage from Germany

There are now also several cloud storage providers in Germany. The editors of the trade magazine Storage Insider tested cloud providers from Germany. Their conclusion on luckycloud: "The security functions and data protection are almost unrivaled at luckycloud" and: "In general, the storage is extremely extensive and offers numerous functions for individual users and teams. It is definitely worth taking a look at the cloud storage."

24. August 2021

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Deep Tech Award: luckycloud among the best in the IT Security category

Berlin, 17.06.2021. The Berlin-based cloud provider luckycloud GmbH is one of the finalists of the Deep Tech Award in the IT security category, making it one of the top contenders in the industry. The company was selected from among numerous applicants and is one of the top three start-ups in this field. Since 2015, the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Operations has presented the Deep Tech Award every year to small and medium-sized companies with innovative and application-oriented solutions based on software and hardware.

17. June 2021

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German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) ranks luckycloud among Germany's best online portals 2021

Berlin, 27 May 2021. The Berlin cloud provider luckycloud is one of Germany's Best Online Portals in the category "Universal & Finance". This is the result of the major consumer award of the German Institute for Service Quality, which evaluated more than 44,000 customer opinions on behalf of the news channel ntv.

27. May 2021

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German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) selects luckycloud as test winner in the field of cloud services

Berlin, March 02, 2021. luckycloud, the Berlin cloud provider, is the test winner of the German Service Award 2021 in the category "Internet & Cloud - Service by phone and e-mail". This is the result of the service study by the German Institute for Service Quality, which tested 23 cloud providers on behalf of the news channel ntv.

02. March 2021

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eco://award - Take two: Berlin cloud provider again nominated

After last year's win, the Berlin-based cloud provider luckycloud has again been nominated for the eco Award in the Cloud & Hosting category this year. This is the 19th time that an expert jury has awarded the coveted prize of the Association of the German Internet Industry (eco) - this year at a digital conference on November 26. With its business cloud solution for every size of company, luckycloud pro Enterprise, luckycloud competed in the "Cloud & Hosting" category, which was announced under the motto "Information anytime anywhere".

18. November 2020

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Cloud storage for government: Görlitz district opts for data exchange platform luckycloud

The Görlitz District Office has commissioned the Berlin cloud provider luckycloud GmbH to introduce the data exchange platform luckycloud pro Enterprise. The platform is designed to enable secure, simple and location-independent data exchange between employees and partners and to significantly reduce the load on e-mail traffic. The introduction of the platform is part of the ongoing "Administration 4.0" program, which includes a further 27 projects. The program aims to put Görlitz's administration on a modern footing and make it fit for the future.

28. October 2020

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This founder offers a safe alternative to Dropbox and Co.

It all started with a university material collection, today Luc Mader is a specialist in storage technology. He even wants to be ahead of Google. A huge corporation is already a customer. The high level of IT security is one of the main reasons why many small and medium-sized companies and Deutsche Bahn entrust their sensitive documents to the secure luckycloud. All servers on which the data is stored are located in Germany.

06. October 2020

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The 10 best cloud storage

If you use multiple computers and mobile devices, you need to keep your files up-to-date on all devices. Private clouds as well as cloud services on the Internet with their various functions such as synchronization and online office are helpful here. We present ten cloud storage devices - and add a few more cloud tips on top.

05. October 2020

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8 reasons for a comeback of the private cloud

In the past, the public cloud has shown impressive growth rates. The fact that many of these solutions can be set up and used with little administrative effort, are easy to scale and are also affordable. With a private cloud of their own, on the other hand, there is a risk of maintenance effort due to lack of expertise, scaling difficulties and costs. But now it is celebrating a real comeback as a "Hosted Private Cloud" - Luc Mader knows 8 causes.

24. September 2020

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Special Case Hosted Private Cloud

Cloud computing is one of the key drivers of digitization. Hardly any company with 20 or more employees does without it in its IT infrastructure. In principle, the first step is always to decide between private or public cloud solutions - increasingly often in combination. In recent years, however, the majority of SMEs in particular have preferred the public variant. This was particularly convincing in terms of costs, administration and maintenance. But this cloud variant is currently experiencing a renaissance, especially in the form of a "Hosted Private Cloud".

21. September 2020

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luckycloud pro Enterprise: One click to a highly secure private cloud with dedicated server

Berlin, 16.09.2020. With its solution luckycloud pro Enterprise, the Berlin-based cloud provider luckycloud GmbH can now provide customers with a fully automated private cloud solution. It can not only be designed in the company's own corporate design, but also meets the highest security requirements such as the provision of a dedicated server and a multi-client capable system. The cloud can grow successively from eight to over 10,000 users.

16. September 2020

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Cloud skepticism is justified and important

Whoever goes into the cloud is responsible for their own security! Luc Mader does not see it that way. Rather, he believes that providers have a duty to play with their cards on the table. With luckycloud, he is well on the way to establishing a cloud counterweight to the data giants of the industry - without backdoors, thought manipulation or data monetization.

14. September 2020

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Best of Cloud: luckycloud and QNAP start cooperation in Hybrid Cloud

The Berlin-based cloud provider luckycloud GmbH and the NAS manufacturer QNAP Systems, Inc. are now working hand in hand to provide secure hybrid cloud solutions. By matching the NAS servers with the cloud solution's synchronization software, the companies offer their customers solutions for fast, intelligent and secure data exchange. With a disaster backup solution, the two companies also address companies that regularly store large amounts of data but do not need to process them. "With QNAP we have found the perfect partner to respond to the growing demand for hybrid cloud solutions," said Luc Mader, founder and CEO of luckycloud.

12. August 2020

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Remote working becomes a must-have: Four steps to a virtual team

"The Future of Work" has been discussed by experts for a long time. Companies which, in this context who have already created the basis for flexible working concepts are well off in times of the Corona pandemic. All others are under time and action pressure. Something can quickly go wrong. The dangerous: Particularly sensitive areas such as data protection and data security are at stake. Orientation towards a catalogue of services or questions helps to keep an eye on the most important issues.

19. August 2020

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Close alliance of cloud and the local server

If breeders cross species, genera or breeds, a hybrid is created. The goal: The combination of the best characteristics. The creation of a hybrid cloud is similarly motivated in IT, e.g. by combining private and public clouds. But here, too, truly multi-value synergy effects are only created through the best-of-breed approach, i.e. by crossing and perfectly coordinating the best solutions in their area of application.

01. July 2020

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Good. Better. Hybrid!

There is more and more talk of the all-rounder Hybrid Cloud. It is said to combine the best of the different Cloud worlds. But what does this actually mean in concrete terms? When does a Hybrid Cloud really become an all-rounder? And not least: How can the data of both worlds be efficiently connected? To answer questions like these, it is worth taking a brief look at the basic principles of public and private clouds and their advantages and disadvantages.

01. June 2020

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Protect data without ifs and buts

When it comes to the protection of personal data or other information worthy of protection, organisations, authorities and companies must comply with strict control obligations. Since the majority of cloud services do not meet the increasing protection requirements, it is worth taking a look at so-called operator-safe clouds. They follow a principle that eliminates the majority of all risks through their technical blueprint alone.

15. May 2020

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The topic of the working world 4.0 is becoming increasingly important. One of the most important levers for this is the cloud. But how do entrepreneurs recognize suitable offers? What technical requirements does a cloud solution have to meet to ensure maximum security? Which functions should it support? And what risks can be associated with cloud solutions? With all these questions, it's worth taking time to read the fine print.

01. March 2020

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Home sessions. Securely into the Cloud - Interview

Lack of skilled workers, exchange on a global level, distributed and remote company locations, expensive rents in urban agglomerations, compatibility of family and career - the list of current and future challenges for employers is long, not only in Corona times. The hopes associated with the digital workplace and home office are therefore just as great. Above all, it means a high degree of flexibility with regard to the place of work and the exchange of data.

29. February 2020

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Workspace 4.0 for medium-sized businesses - How to achieve secure collaboration in the cloud

Digital solutions are now part of everyday life even for many medium-sized companies - whether in production or in administration. However, not everyone finds it easy to implement networked structures for better collaboration. Although the advantages outweigh the risks, security concerns and effort still seem too great. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

28. February 2020

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Operator-secure clouds: unauthorized access technically impossible

Organisations, authorities and companies must now comply with strict control obligations when it comes to the protection of personal data. But for all those who give information worthy of protection into the hands of strangers, this is not so easy. Here it is worth taking a look at the choice of so-called KRITIS operators, who are obliged to take particularly high protective measures. As a rule, they rely on so-called operator-safe clouds. These follow the zero-knowledge principle, which excludes the majority of all risks through the technical blueprint alone.

01. February 2020

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Danilo Schwabe now CTO at luckycloud

The team of the Berlin-based cloud provider luckycloud GmbH has been strengthened since 1 February by Danilo Schwabe, who takes over the position of CTO. His responsibilities include the support and protection of the luckycloud infrastructure, the evaluation of new technologies and, in his role as cloud architect, the implementation of cluster systems and individual customer solutions.

12. February 2020

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High-performance storage architecture: luckycloud and croit join forces

The secure cloud storage from Germany luckycloud GmbH and croit GmbH, provider of the storage management software of the same name, are now working together. luckycloud uses croit for the automated administration of the new ceph storage backend. The object-based storage solution has replaced the original file-system based storage technology at luckycloud since 2018.

15. January 2020

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"Home is where the server is" - luckycloud wins renowned eco://award in the category Hosting

The Berlin-based cloud provider luckycloud GmbH is the winner of this year's eco-Award in the Hosting category. Already for the 18th time a jury of experts awarded the coveted Prize of the Association of the German Internet Industry (eco) at the eco://congress in Cologne.

22. November 2019

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Secure alternative to American groupware: luckycloud enters the BETA phase with extended office offering.

The Berlin-based cloud provider luckycloud GmbH has added a calendar and contact synchronization tool to its luckycloud Office groupware. Together with the already existing e-mailing service and task synchronization, luckycloud Office is a comprehensive collaboration solution for secure collaboration within and beyond the boundaries of a company.

13. November 2019

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School IT: Cloud in Leutkirch

A team of teachers from the Hans-Multscher-Gymnasium in Leutkirch im Allgäu has started the pilot project School Cloud on their own initiative and draws a positive interim balance.

05. November 2019

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Pilot project school-cloud: Hans-Multscher-Gymnasium starts teamwork with luckycloud

The Berlin-based cloud provider luckycloud GmbH has started the pilot project school-cloud in cooperation with the Hans-Multscher-Gymnasium in Leutkirch im Allgäu. During the current school year, a team of teachers at the school is testing collaboration in the cloud. luckycloud provides the school with their managed-cloud solution luckycloud pro Business including consultation and support services free of charge for one year to facilitate the test.

22. October 2019

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Secure teamwork in the cloud: luckycloud expands B2B offering with luckycloud pro Business

The Berlin-based cloud provider luckycloud GmbH has added the managed cloud solution luckycloud pro Business to the range of its B2B brand luckycloud pro. The offer is designed for teamwork with particularly high demands on security and performance, e.g. in companies, public authorities or educational institutions. The solution can be implemented as a public, private or hybrid cloud solution and can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements.

18. September 2019

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Ignorance about data security - Handling data more carefully

Most users lack the security awareness that enables them to assess the risks of using certain services. The most effective protection against data theft and misuse is therefore full data encryption.

24. June 2019

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Interview with Luckycloud: Iberico meat or fattening pig product?

The Berlin start-up Luckycloud is committed to competing against the big data octopuses. In the funkschau interview, founder and CEO Luc Mader explains his approach and also talks about classic start-up pitfalls.

13. June 2019

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Data encryption: Who relies on others, is abandoned!

Security breaches, data theft, State Trojan. When it comes to dealing with personal or business-critical data, the utmost caution is required. In the context of the current mixture of political and economic interests, the encryption of data in particular offers maximum security. But even there the devil lies in the detail.

26. March 2019

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Start-ups vs. data crawling: The How small businesses can and should succeed

In an interview, Luc Mader, founder and CEO of Luckycloud, explains the problems cloud start-ups have to struggle with and how they can prevail against the big data octopuses.

30. January 2019

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luckycloud: The idea behind it and advantages of the Zero-Knowledge-Cloud

Luc Mader, founder and CEO of luckycloud, explains how his Berlin start-up was founded, what advantages his zero-knowledge cloud promises compared to other cloud providers and why data leaks are impossible with luckycloud.

14. July 2018

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luckycloud: Trust is good, open source is better: luckycloud promotes secure cloud storage

Security in the cloud can look different depending on the provider. Many factors play a role in guaranteeing secure data storage in the cloud. To illustrate that security in the cloud is not impossible and does not have to be expensive, luckycloud and its recommended security mechanisms are listed as an example of use.

20. August 2018

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luckycloud at trusted - secure cloud storage made in Germany

After a comprehensive rework in 2018, the German cloud storage luckycloud once again convinces with security, a wide range of functions and simple operation, both in the browser and in the available Seafile client. The open source roots of the cloud storage provide great transparency.

15. September 2018

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luckcloud convinces with 5/5 points in the area of security in the cloud comparison of Netzsieger

luckycloud is a cloud storage with best security features like end-to-end encryption and AES-256 standard encoding. Flexible terms, mail and team features make the service a recommendation for both home and business users.

05. November 2018

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luckycloud - Test winner for Cloud storage from Germany

luckycloud is a technically sophisticated and particularly secure cloud storage from Germany. Numerous factors, including end-to-end encryption and full DSGVO compliance, make luckycloud a very interesting alternative to products like Google Drive or Microsoft Onedrive.

31. August 2018

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luckycloud: German provider of secure cloud storage and email

Secure storage space, e-mails, collaboration tools or your own web hosting: luckycloud as a young company offers German and secure cloud services. However, in comparison to other providers, the focus is clearly on data protection and security.

29. August 2018

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How to securely encrypt cloud data

The Basic Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO) forces providers of cloud services to handle their customers' data responsibly. This includes various principles, of which the three most important will be presented in this article.

23. August 2018

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Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Secure Cloud Stores

When choosing the right cloud service provider, the areas of security and functionality are particularly important. In this article, the most important features will be presented and how current cloud offerings differ.

04. July 2018

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luckycloud: Secure cloud storage

luckycloud in times of Big Data can be a real alternative to giant companies like Google and Co. In contrast to its major competitors, the cloud provider concentrates on the greatest longing that exists today in the IT sector: Security.

28. June 2018

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luckycloud - security in the cloud

luckycloud sounds like a happy cloud, a safe place to store data. This is exactly what the provider wants to provide its customers, a service which stores and manages data from private individuals as well as corporate customers under the highest security standards.

27. June 2018

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This is how it works: your own virtual home office

We all become a bit more mobile every day, only our working environment doesn't seem to adapt to this change at the same pace. With just a few simple steps you can create your own virtual home office. This article shows how this works.

28. February 2018

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luckycloud - The Cloud Storage for a Free and Secure Internet

Monitoring and external control over your own data? This is often reality - but not at luckycloud. Since 2007, founder Luc Mader has been working on a solution to ensure secure exchange of data and ideas on the Internet.

17. August 2017

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