What does luckyCloud offer you?

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A secure storage cloud

An overview of our services

LuckyCloud services consist a highly secure data cloud with the possibility to work collaboratively with optimised end to end encryption (based on Seafile) and a modern email system with optimised PGP Encryption, also in Webmailing (based on Postfix and Dovecot). All our services use open source software, which we support through donations.

Highly Accessible and Scalable

Highly Accessible and Scalable

LuckyCloud services are also avaliable to you, even in the event of a server outage. They run in a fully virtualised environment, meaning that our services are clustered and therefore can be quickly and flexibly scaled with guaranteed high level redundancy.

Personalised <br> for your business

for your business

LuckyCloud services are of course avaliable over your desired or existing domains. "White Labeling" is also possible if needed.

Integration with existing User Database

Integration with existing User Database

The accounts of an existing user database can be used with luckycloud. Authentification can be supported by Shibboleth, LDAP or a configured API.

Special Features

Speacial Features though end to end encryption

Speacial Features though end to end encryption

In order to guarantee the data of all our user data beyond the Data Protection Act in Germany, luckycloud provides end to end encryption over a synchronised client with key user credibility Schluesselhoheit. This way, we achieve plausible protection of private or company data from unauthorised surveillance.

Even without the use of end to end encryption, all connections to the luckyCloud servers and services are protected by TLS Client Server Encryption.

Collaborative Work

Collaborative Work

Users can create and manage groups with other registered users. Within groups, rights can be distributed to groupmembers controlling who can edit files or not.

Files and folders can also be shared over download links. Folders can be defined as upload-data registers, so that unregistered users can also upload project files. The links for downloads and uplaods can also be given a time limit or password protection.

Synchronisation accross Platforms

Synchronisation accross Platforms

Private and group data registers can be synchronised from anywhere, keeping everything up to date. If there are file conflicts, no file will be deleted. Instead, a copy is created. This ensures that no files or data get lost.

The synchronisation clients are avaliable for current Windows, MacOS and Linux oprating systems. For smartphones with Android or iOS, there is an app which enables you to access your files.

Versioning and Snapshots

Versioning and Snapshots

Through versioning it is possible for all users to work colaboratively on files and even restore accidentally deleted files without contacting support. You can set up how often versions are created.



Our high accessibility guarantee is based on the use of backup servers, which continually secure the data stored on our servers. Older data, which is also stored securely, can also be accessed.

Independant Access

Independant Access

Your files can be accessed from all devices with up to date web browsers by using the web page. A WebDAV can be used to access non encrypted files.

Your luckycloud

Yet another secure Cloud?

Even if you just stumbled accross luckycloud, you are likely to belong to a growing group of users who are noticing that awareness of your actions, especially online, is of growing importance. At least since Edward Snowden brough it to the attention of the masses: the digital world, once a synonym for free thinking and international community, has now been ruined. What remains is a network of international surveillance and continuous attempts at thought control and

unwanted external influence. Connecting with others and sharing ideas with others without unwanted and unnecessary influence was a concept, which Luc Mader, the founder of luckycloud, started persuing in 2007 at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) in Berlin. He brought an online platform to life, where students could access and share an archive of student material, which quickly became a popular part of every day life at the university.

The university began to support the platform and many students got involved in trying to establish a platform for sharing material reaching accross faculties and universities. After a year of intensive development, luckyCloud was created. From a simple "big server", this project will hopefully become a great platform for sharing and spreading information. luckyCloud enables its users to share thoughts and ideas without unwanted eyes peering into their business, including even the luckyCloud developers.

luckycloud is the result of people working together against the age of surveillance, despite knowing that luckyCloud can only be a tiny contribution towards a free and safe internet. We do everything we can to use only transparent software (open source) and strong cryptography to contribute to creating a surveillance free internet, which you can trust.

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