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Data exchange and backup with the hybrid cloud

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Protect data in home office and office - create backup

Unprotected access or passwords that are too short are easy pickings for hackers: This is true in the home office, the office, and when working on the road. Remote work is no longer a foreign concept, making the issue of data security all the more pressing. A suitable solution for flexible data access is the cloud - the hybrid cloud in particular offers comprehensive security and backups for potential cyber attacks. With the hybrid cloud, you get the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a cloud solution while complying with the highest data protection requirements.

Luc Mader, CEO

Similar to Dropbox, Microsoft and Co. and yet quite different: Luc Mader had the idea of creating an alternative to the cloud offerings of the large and well-known companies while still at university. Alongside lectures and exams, he developed this idea further and eventually founded luckycloud GmbH. As CEO, the data security and satisfaction of his customers is particularly important to him. With luckycloud, they therefore receive a transparent and comprehensive product that can also keep up with the competition.

Working in a home office requires a new look at data security

Not every company is able to equip their home workers with up-to-date hardware that meets the highest security requirements. Often, therefore, you work in the home office with your private computer. As a result, the IT infrastructure is made up of a variety of new and old devices and does not present a uniform picture in terms of security facilities. This can compromise data security, which is increasingly important, especially in the home office.

Thomas Uhlemann

The GDPR mandates protecting data from access by unauthorized third parties - you can only do that with the right encryption and processes.

Backup with the hybrid cloud provides the solution

The hybrid cloud combines two of the most important cloud concepts, the public cloud and the private cloud, and their benefits. As such, it represents a secure solution for the home office and digital workplaces today.

Die Public Cloud

  • stores the data externally in the data center,
  • provides flexible access from any computer and location
  • and has cost benefits

Die Private Cloud

  • offers highest data security,
  • full control over your data
  • and is available tailor-made.

Unlike VPN, this approach does not impose any restrictions in terms of transmission speed. The hybrid cloud thus proves to be a superior solution that particularly supports data recovery.

Create hybrid cloud backup and secure data

To ensure that your data is not lost even in the event of a cyber attack, Hybrid Cloud creates backups to private as well as public cloud. This also applies to sensitive data, which is stored using the 3-2-1 backup rule. Data backup is the top priority and should be constantly monitored by companies. This way, important files are not lost and you can restore them afterwards.

Hybrid Cloud with NAS

If the data in a company is particularly large, you can connect the hybrid cloud with network attached storage (NAS). This is a powerful file server that can also be used as a public cloud.

Just a few steps to your secure hybrid cloud

How much storage do you need? Do you want to combine the Hybrid Cloud with a NAS? The decision is entirely up to you: A Hybrid Cloud can be tailored to individual needs and thus used sustainably. Reliable hosting providers on the market will support you with the important setup and help you set up the cloud - making it particularly easy to use. Once the hybrid cloud is ready to go, you can enjoy all the benefits and work efficiently at a significantly higher security level.

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Safe in the home office and office:

Data sharing and backup with hybrid cloud