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From Teamplace to luckycloud: Find the Right Cloud Storage for Your Needs

When the online storage provider Teamplace discontinues its service on June 30, 2024, many of its customers are faced with the important decision of where they want to securely store their data in the future. At luckycloud, we understand the importance of security, flexibility, and user-friendliness. That's why Teamplace recommends us as a reliable successor in the cloud for its customers.

Why luckycloud Cloud Storage?

Since our founding in 2015, we have been committed to meeting the highest standards in terms of security, privacy, and transparency. At luckycloud, your data is our top priority, and we ensure that you can rely on it. Our all-around secure data storage management, protected personal information, and flexibly configurable storage space are just a few of the principles on which luckycloud is built. Whether from the office, home office, or on the go: Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to store, share, and access files. As a Berlin-based company with strong roots in the local technology and data protection community, we focus on open communication and partnership with our customers.

Easy Cloud Migration, Multiple Benefits

Former Teamplace customers benefit in multiple ways when switching to luckycloud. We want to make the transition to a secure cloud solution as effortless as possible. With our specially developed tools, we offer support to make the move smooth.

Additionally, companies and individual users migrating from Teamplace to luckycloud have the opportunity to use our Cloud Services free of charge for two months. This allows them to test our solutions without commitment and benefit from numerous advantages. Our Cloud Configurator helps in finding the right version of luckycloud for your needs. This way, our customers avoid unnecessarily expensive packages and only pay for the storage space they really need.

Your Personal Cloud Storage

If you want to securely and conveniently store your personal data, then luckycloud One is the perfect choice for you! With luckycloud One, you can easily store photos, documents, and much more in the cloud. And the best part: You can have everything automatically synchronized, e.g., with the photo upload feature in our smartphone app.

The Ideal Solution for Workgroups

Are you working in a small team of 2 to 30 people and want to ensure that your data is protected? Then luckycloud Teams is exactly what you need! With triple encryption and scalable storage space, you can collaborate efficiently without worrying about the security of your data.

Efficient Work in the Enterprise

For companies looking for a secure and efficient solution for their data management, luckycloud Business is the ideal choice. With individual access rights, a convenient admin panel, and the ability to integrate existing data systems, you can optimize your business in the cloud.

The Premier Class of Our Cloud Solutions

If you are looking for the most extensive features and the highest security for your company, then luckycloud Enterprise (Plus) is the right choice for you. With virus scanning, employee activity overview, and the ability to realize a Private Cloud with White Label and custom domain, luckycloud Enterprise (Plus) offers everything your company needs.

Your Guide to Migrating from Teamplace to luckycloud

Downloading Files Stored in Teamplace

  • Sign in to your Teamplace on your PC or Mac and open your first Teamplace.
  • Select all files and download them. You will receive a Zip file with all your files.
  • Repeat the process for all your Teamplaces.

Screenshot Backing up Teamplace Data

Extracting Zip Folders

  • PC: Open the Windows Explorer and click "Extract All" in the context menu of your folder.

  • Screenshot Extracting Zip Folder

  • Mac: Open the Downloads folder on the Mac. Create a folder by double-clicking the Zip file.

  • Screenshot Extracting Zip File on Mac

  • Repeat the process for all your zipped Teamplace files, so that the content of each Teamplace is saved in a folder.
  • You can now save all your Teamplace folders in a new folder to upload them to luckycloud.
  • This preserves the original structure of your individual Teamplaces.

  • Screenshot Saving Teamplace Folders Locally

Creating a luckycloud Account

  • Open the luckycloud website https://luckycloud.de/de/?ref=teamplace and create an account by clicking "Try for Free".
  • Choose the option "Secure Cloud Services" and select one of the offered products.

  • Screenshot Cloud Services by luckycloud

Downloading and Installing luckycloud Sync Client

  • Download the Sync Client for your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Sign in to luckycloud and select Dashboard → Downloads.

  • Screenshot Sync-Client by luckycloud

  • Install the Sync Client on your device. You can find a detailed guide, including a video, on the luckycloud website at https://docs.luckycloud.de/de/cloud-storage/sync-client.
  • At the end of the successful installation, sign in to luckycloud.

  • Screenshot Sign In to luckycloud

Uploading Teamplaces to luckycloud

  • Start the "Easy Setup". In the next step, select "Skip" if you do not want to download your default directory.
  • Drag and drop your Teamplace folder (where all your individual Teamplaces are located) into the lower field of the Sync Client to upload it to luckycloud. The folder structure will be preserved during the upload. Alternatively, you can also select it by clicking on the plus button.

  • Screenshot Upload Teamplaces to luckycloud

  • Afterwards, confirm your folder selection, directory name, and summary.
  • Your files will now be uploaded to luckycloud. Once the synchronization is complete, your new directory will have a green border.

  • Screenshot Synchronization in luckycloud


You can now find your Teamplaces in luckycloud.

Screenshot Backing up Teamplace Data

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