Luc Mader, founder of luckycloud, holds the Eco Award 2019 in his hands. Next to him is a young woman.

Germany's most secure cloud storage wins eco award 2019

The award ceremony of the eco - Verband der Internetwirtschaft e.V. took place for the 18th time on November 21, 2019 in Cologne and luckycloud won the eco://award in the category Hosting.

The award ceremony of the eco - Verband der Internetwirtschaft e.V. took place for the 18th time on 21 November 2019 in Cologne and luckycloud won the eco://award in the category Hosting.

However what is the eco://award?

The eco://award is presented by eco - the Association of the Internet Industry. This association represents the interests of the Internet industry. The aim of the association is to promote technologies, to shape the framework conditions and to represent the interests of its members in national and international committees.

With over 1,000 member companies, eco:// is now the largest association of the Internet industry in Europe. Three companies were nominated for each of the six main categories. In the category "Hosting" luckycloud belonged to the best!

Of course our management, Luc Mader and Nicole Smuga, went to Cologne on the day of the award ceremony - not with the idea of winning, but to meet the eco - association and colleagues from the industry, exchange experiences and make contacts.

"The event was great," as my colleague told me the following day.

Event schedule

At the beginning of the big event our colleagues were greeted with a mulled wine reception. There were also snacks for the small hunger in between. Afterwards the networking with nice colleagues from the branch could start. "I found it nice that even some colleagues from our neighbouring country Poland even visited the event," said Nicole, who has Polish roots.

At 19 o'clock the evening program began so slowly. "Let's take a quick photo of us before the winners take the photo canvas wall," Luc told Nicole. At the beginning there was a great singing and dancing interlude. After a welcome speech, the first three awards were presented and slowly the excitement increased. Our team chat was shut down because we all waited eagerly for an answer from both of them.

When the participants of our category were presented with their product videos, Luc came to his senses: "With these participants it could get scarce". Afterwards luckycloud was presented.

All company representatives of the category "Hosting" were invited on stage. Then it was time: "The hour of truth has struck." René Wienholtz receives an envelope: "The winner of the category Hosting is the company......... luckycloud GmbH"

The luckycloud team is on stage to accept the eco award 2019 in the hosting category

Our colleagues could hardly believe it. "I was really happy and Nicole and I hugged in the middle of the stage," Luc laughed, "Later we all thought we were a couple," Nicole added. Well - since then Nicole and Luc are regarded as a "Dream Team", because also in the office they complement each other perfectly with their 2 completely different expertise.

" In addition to the cross-category criteria, the jury's assessment was particularly important here:

  • User friendliness/Customer friendliness
  • Multiple and unusual market services/package offers
  • exactly defined value-added services
  • flexible tariffs/contract terms
  • Quality certificates (seal of approval, certification, attestations)
  • Special security features (e.g. data security, backup, etc.))
  • Number of users/companies (if there are any figures)
  • Customer references
  • Innovation factor"
eco-Verband der Internetwirtschaft e.V.

And with this saying we won:


... we swim against the current for the protection of customer data. Using 3-fold encryption, zero knowledge principle and exclusive data processing in Germany, we create a counterweight to the trend towards data monetisation. At the same time, our own infrastructure ensures the high availability of the luckycloud and makes us independent - not least through the conscious renunciation of investors.

All the hard work and the "swimming against the current" finally paid off.

After the award ceremony Nicole and Luc let the rest of the evening end in a nice atmosphere.

Author: Santana Michael

Title picture: luckycloud GmbH
Second image: eco e. V. / Julian Huke Photography

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