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Switch cloud provider: Three simple steps to an alternative cloud solution

Whether domain, email, video meeting, chat or data storage: solutions from the cloud have proven themselves for many applications. But what happens if the cloud provider you once chose unexpectedly stops its service and users need to back up all their data in an alternative cloud solution as quickly as possible? This is precisely the task currently facing the customers of cloud provider Teamplace.

On June 30, 2024, the online storage provider Teamplace will permanently close its doors. If users want to prevent the loss of their stored data, they must back it up in time. We show how to successfully migrate to the cloud in a few simple steps and why now is the right time to do so—even if your current provider no longer meets your needs. Because a cloud migration is beneficial for many companies and private users in terms of costs, security, scalability, and customer service.

The requirements for a cloud solution regarding availability, performance, or service level are high. The catch: Large cloud providers often inadequately meet the standards of data protection and compliance in Germany. Innovative approaches of smaller providers have shown in recent years that they are often the better choice, especially when it comes to availability, security, data protection, and customer support. However, uncertainties sometimes arise, especially in the corporate environment. What happens to the data if the provider suddenly becomes insolvent? With luckycloud, users can rest assured, as we have prepared for the worst-case scenario:

  • A Trustee Service ensures that the operation of luckycloud solutions is secured for an additional six months in the event of insolvency.
  • Through the luckycloud Sync Technology, the data is always stored locally and independently of the provider—thus, there is no vendor lock-in with luckycloud.
  • With a Hybrid Cloud Strategy, the data of our customers is always 100% independent and doubly secured.

In addition, companies should choose a provider who can adapt to their specific requirements. Costs naturally also play an important role, and if prices for services increase without providing real added value, a switch could be the right decision.

Plan Your Cloud Migration Now

In recent years, when cloud customers wanted to change providers, the hyperscalers like Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft often requested a hefty fee: Companies and private users usually had to pay a fee to transfer their data from one cloud to another when switching providers. Criticism of such business practices has been growing louder. Especially for business customers, the large cloud providers made it difficult to switch by imposing high fees for data transfer, tying them to long-term contracts, and imposing arbitrary technical restrictions.

At least with transfer fees, Google Cloud seems to have put an end to it. According to a report by Reuters news agency, users can now freely transfer their data and workloads from Google's infrastructure to another provider. This is a great opportunity for those looking to take their cloud strategy to the next level. When choosing a new provider, they should pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  • Operation with their own data centers in Germany
  • Triple encryption of data
  • Data processing according to GDPR
  • Highest security standards
  • Open-source software and Zero-Knowledge principle

Successfully Change Cloud Providers in Three Steps

Step 1: Downloading Your Data from the Current Cloud

First, the data must be downloaded from the current cloud, such as with Teamplace. Using tools for backup and synchronization has proven to be effective.

Step 2: Locally Storing Data

Next, users should locally store the downloaded data. Ideally, this should be done with the existing folder structure to immediately familiarize themselves with the new cloud environment.

Step 3: Create an Account with the New Cloud Provider and Upload Data

To upload the data and folder structures to the new cloud, tools like the Sync Client from luckycloud are recommended. This ensures a quick and secure upload. Users should avoid uploading via web browsers.

Key Considerations When Changing Cloud Providers

Whether the current provider is discontinuing the service or the previously chosen cloud no longer meets the requirements: When changing cloud providers, there are several things to consider. However, by proceeding step by step, companies and users can reliably succeed. When choosing a cloud solution, companies should ensure that in addition to the appropriate features, intuitive use, and high security standards, the service quality and accessibility of the provider are also right. Especially medium-sized companies often feel inadequately advised by large cloud providers and receive little individual support.

It often happens that companies, in their search for a cloud solution, do not know exactly what they are looking for. Personal support and direct, customer-oriented advice are therefore all the more important. In personal exchanges, there is always the opportunity to directly address feedback. Successful innovation ideas and additional added values often arise from close collaboration.

Do you want to host your data securely, flexibly, and easily, placing particular emphasis on data protection? We are happy to help you find the right solution for you (and your team)!

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