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luckycloud: Customized cloud solution for different industries

The most important at a glance

More and more companies are using cloud solutions to increase efficiency within the company and make collaboration independent of time and location. According to a Bitkom study from 2021, 82 percent of companies are already using cloud services. More and more processes and applications are being migrated to the cloud. Cloud computing is thus playing an ever greater role and is increasingly influencing the processes and success of a company.

For many companies, the in-house provision of a fast, efficient and reliable IT infrastructure with backup capability is difficult, as the capacities and expertise for this are often lacking. With public cloud solutions, on the other hand, the problem is that data protection must be guaranteed, as the data is placed in the hands of third parties. luckycloud has therefore set itself the task of providing a secure, immediately deployable and easily customizable solution that customers can rely on for their specific industry.

Maximizing the opportunities of the cloud

The demands on IT infrastructures are constantly increasing and each industry requires a differentiated approach. At luckycloud, we know from experience and exchange with our customers that each industry is faced with its own unique challenges. Thus, cloud requirements also differ greatly. It is often underestimated what is possible with a cloud and which specific problems it can solve. Let us show you what our cloud can do for your industry.

Two architects are sitting in a bright office at their laptops, planning a project.

Cloud for architects

  • Store and process large amounts of data
  • Make data accessible to all project participants
  • Automatic synchronization of local databases in real time
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Cloud for resellers

  • Provide secure and customized software with own branding
  • Inspire customers with high-quality solutions
  • Achieve significant sales increases
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Cloud for health care

  • Increase staff efficiency and conserve resources
  • Securely store and make sensitive data available
  • Increase patient:internal satisfaction through cloud services
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Cloud for schools

  • Enable remote teaching
  • Working together on documents
  • Ensure data protection for personal data
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Cloud for lawyers

  • Manage files and documents easily
  • Set up secure data rooms and protect sensitive information
  • Ensure dynamic information flow with clients
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Cloud for agencies

  • Enable internal and external communication seamlessly
  • Manage access to documents smartly and easily
  • Flexibly scale storage space
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