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Teamwork in the home office - exchange data easily and securely from home with luckycloud

Working from home is a challenge even for well-rehearsed teams that normally work well together in the office. For a smooth workflow in a team, we recommend that you define rules on how shared documents are handled and where they are stored. Here too, we have developed a best-use case, which we have developed together with customers through our many years of experience with luckycloud

The sending of huge email attachments has come to an end! After you have uploaded your data to luckycloud and the respective software has been installed and set up, nothing can stand in the way of teamwork.

Nominate Cloud Administrators

Create your team

Before shares are granted, the Cloud Administrator must create the users.

Release data to internal users (employees)

In order to be able to access entire folders or libraries as a team, the respective users can be grouped together in groups or areas. In this way, relevant data can be made available to an entire user group/department with just a few clicks. The administrator simply creates a group or area, adds the respective users and assigns them roles. This also makes working with luckycloud particularly secure: users can only view data that has been released for them!

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Team rules - How to work in the cloud?

For a smooth workflow in a team, we recommend that you define rules on how shared documents are handled and where they are stored.

We have also developed a best-use case in this area, which we have developed through our many years of experience with customers.

1. Edit documents together

With luckycloud, not only can data be stored and retrieved, but also jointly processed.

Simultaneous editing - Online Office Editor:

If a document needs to be edited by several people at the same time, we recommend the Online Office Editor. To do this, you can edit files in the web interface - preferably via Firefox or Chrome Browser - via Office Editor directly together in the cloud. The best thing is to arrange an exact time in the team every hour, when all users leave the document for 5 minutes to save the changes between them.

In rare cases it can happen that the editor does not support your formatting. In this case we recommend to open the file locally - the file locks automatically. If you open files locally via Drive Client or Sync Client, simply save the result of your work again. This way your changes are not synchronized until you save them to the cloud and everyone has the latest version on their PC.

If someone wants to work on the same file locally at the same time during the editing time, this file will be displayed as "locked" and the person can only create a "copy" of the file. This is by no means an error in the system, but rather a safety function to prevent mutual overwriting. Both file versions exist independently and can be merged manually.

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2. Use external links correctly

Sharing links are particularly suitable for sharing documents, as they save other users from having to search for files and allow you to control exactly what the recipient is allowed to do with the file (read/edit/download). You can even share data with outsiders, such as customers or clients, or invite them to upload files to your folder. Particularly sensitive data can be additionally encrypted in the process.

3. Make documents available quickly

Could you look over there, please? The file is located in the folder "Marketing", subfolder "Social Media Marketing" > "Posts". File "Coronavirus-working-in-home-office-v2" - You know this too? Soon no more.

Next time just send the person an internal link. This can be easily created using the Sync or Drive Client by right-clicking on the file in your Finder, selecting Seafile or SeaDrive and then clicking on "Internal Link". You can then copy the link and simply send it to the recipient. The recipient can then only open the file link if he or she has previously been approved for the folder or library.

Save data securely and cross-platform in luckycloud

All your data will be processed in certified data centers in Germany. We follow a strict zero knowledge cloud approach: Your privacy and data protection are our top priority. Due to automated processes and strict internal guidelines we do not know 80% of our customers. Only through our support we get to know our customers. Thanks to the special luckycloud security concept your data is completely protected. This also applies to the use of luckycloud on various end devices.

With our mobile app you can also access and edit your data via smartphone or tablet.

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Author: Julia Munsch


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