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Nadine Kogler,
Quality Management

Sector: Electronics

As a complete supplier to the taxi industry and market leader in German-speaking countries, we have been developing innovative hardware and software solutions for 45 years. Highest quality, state-of-the-art technology, user-friendliness and sustainability are a matter of course for us. As an IATF 16949- and ISO 9001-certified company, we also expect this from our business partners. We therefore feel that we are in very good hands with luckycloud! We use this platform for the storage and secure, encrypted and DSGVO-compliant exchange of administrative business data (e.g. contracts) between us and our conformity service points. Navigation through the cloud is very easy, the luckycloud itself is highly reliable and trouble-free. Flexibility for a total of 20 users - and this number is continuing to grow - is offered by the fact that access is also possible at any time via App. If you need support, you can reach it quickly by e-mail, telephone or chat and receive prompt, friendly and competent help to stay on the happy cloud as a satisfied customer!

Uwe Guhlich,
Managing Director

Sector: Industry

As an internationally active lumber importer with locations in Latin America and Europe, a secure cloud solution in accordance with the Basic Data Protection Regulation was required for data exchange independent of time and place. We were looking for a data protection-friendly public cloud because in-house server solutions had proved unsuitable. In the end, luckycloud was chosen. As in all industries, of course IT solutions do not work 100% perfect, but luckycloud support has always helped us - even during unusual working hours. We use luckycloud for a secure data exchange between our customers, suppliers and service providers. It was important to us that external users could both store documents here and view existing documents.

Claudia Bousset,

Sector: Art and Culture

Our team of 35 people, which is travelling all over Europe, uses the luckycloud cloud. It is the base station for our work and enables and facilitates such a decentralized structure as we have it. The system is easy to handle, the support of the team is great! We rate the wonderful luckycloud team as good as the offer and security of luckycloud as a whole!

Felix Schnorr,

Sector: Electromobility

We, eliso GmbH, have been successfully using luckycloud as a cloud solution for three quarters of a year now. For us it was the perfect replacement for Google Drive. German servers, DSGVO compliance, end-to-end encryption and last but not least the great and friendly support convinced us despite some initial difficulties. Added to this is the flexibility in the choice of team size and capacity that we urgently need as a young, growing company.

Maak Roberts,
data protection officer

Sector: Data protection

We use the luckycloud for efficient collaboration at our two locations, so that our employees can work on common documents and are always up to date. The location in Germany and compliance with the DSGVO regulations were the basic requirements for us when selecting a suitable cloud. In addition, the confidentiality of the information, which is secured by end-to-end encryption, is crucial for us and our customers. We are also convinced by the secure sharing of individual documents with our customers, which is easy to achieve with luckycloud. In practice it has been shown that luckycloud's support always provides us with advice and support at short notice.

Pascal Haas,

Sector: IT-Security Consulting

As a young and small consulting company, Intelliant lives from agility and flexibility - internally and towards its customers. Therefore we are dependent on these characteristics also with our service providers. luckycloud supports us according to our individual basic conditions and enables us to administer and adapt the offer completely and independently online with constant change and growth. Intelliant uses luckycloud Mail for e-mail hosting as well as luckycloud Storage as fileshare and cloud storage. Through Intelliant's consulting fields IT compliance, information security and data protection, (IT) security is a basic requirement and a main criterion in the selection of digital service providers. In luckycloud we have found a corresponding provider.

Bony Stoev,

Sector: Media and sound production

Great offer & support! I am very happy with the offer and vision of luckycloud. It all works uncomplicated and the support is very good. It feels very good to have an innovative and in Germany located partner in the field of IT.

Sebastian Mirka,
Managing Director

Sector: Plant engineering

As a young start-up in the field of plant engineering, Amollo Water Technology GmbH is part of a small team that creates water treatment plants for the desalination of seawater. With worldwide customers, it is therefore immensely important for us to be able to work from anywhere in the world, just like from the office. luckycloud convinced us with its concept and provides us with the necessary infrastructure. We consider the prices to be absolutely fair and the support, if there is a problem somewhere, is great. We hope for a long journey together

Max Luber,
data protection officer

Sector: Information security

luckycloud offers me the possibility to securely exchange confidential company data with my customers. Authorizations can be easily set and technical security is transparently documented.
Capacities can be flexibly adapted to changing project requirements; this allows me to save costs and time for my own IT and concentrate on working with customers.

Claudia Marks,
office management

Sector: Culture

We at Performing Arts Festival Berlin need a secure solution to share data. It was important for us to be able to adapt our account flexibly at any time, because the team is growing rapidly during the festival's weddings.  So luckycloud fits our needs perfectly. We get the flexibility we need, can use the cloud tailor-made and only have to pay for it. In addition, the support is great. The employees* are available immediately, can answer all questions, explain complicated facts in an understandable way and help immediately. As an IT layperson, I also find the handling simple and clear. I can recommend luckycloud in any case!

Michaela Kluin,
public relations

Sector: Regional Associations

As a regional association, data protection is just as important to us as it is to our current 1,400 members. luckycloud Storage gives our member associations the opportunity to store their data securely and make it available to the board of directors. And all this at a reasonable price. We as an association use luckycloud mainly in the area of public relations to send pictures and film material via a protected channel or to distribute seminar documents.

Tom Zedler,
Advice centre manager

Field: Tax consultancy

As a tax expert I travel a lot - with clients or at different office locations. Thanks to luckycloud I always have my documents "with me". In addition, security is a high priority for me, as a large part of my documents must be treated confidentially. Trust in luckycloud has never been disappointed in more than 3 years of cooperation. The exchange of documents with our clients via the luckycloud is also becoming increasingly popular. With luckycloud we really have a reliable service provider that supports us perfectly in the most diverse processes.

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